Is Tummy Tuck Right for Me? By Hadi Rassael on March 11, 2013

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is a procedure in which the contours of the abdomen are improved and enhanced through the removal of excess skin, fat, and other tissues. Because of the dramatic transformations achieved through tummy tuck surgery, it is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed today. Chevy Chase cosmetic surgeon Hadi Michael Rassael performs tummy tuck surgery on both male and female patients desiring slimmer, smoother, and firmer abdominal regions. Through tummy tuck surgery, patients are able to achieve trimmer, more proportional, younger looking figures.

How Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Performed?

Typically, tummy tuck surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. During tummy tuck surgery, an incision is made that extends from hipbone to hipbone. Excess skin, fat, and other tissues are removed, and weakened abdominal muscles are repaired. When necessary, the navel may also be repositioned. Once the excess tissues have been removed, the skin is pulled taut and sutured into place. During tummy tuck surgery, liposuction may also be performed. Once the tummy tuck surgery has been completed, temporary drains may be placed to help prevent the accumulation of fluids after surgery. After undergoing surgery, Chevy Chase tummy tuck patients can expect an abdominal profile that is flatter, smoother, and firmer.

Patients who are currently at their ideal body weight, but are still suffering from hanging skin from the lower abdomen may benefit from mini tummy tuck surgery. The mini tummy tuck recovery phase is typically easier than with the standard tummy tuck surgery because a smaller amount of skin has to be removed with this technique.

Patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight and are experiencing loose, hanging skin around the hips, abdomen, and lower back may benefit from extended tummy tuck surgery. While the extended tummy tuck surgery recovery phase is more difficult than with other tummy tuck surgical techniques, patients can achieve dramatic results. Because most patients undergoing extended tummy tuck surgery have lost a substantial amount of weight, the results achieved through surgery can be life changing. Going into surgery with large amounts of hanging skin that is obscuring parts of the body and coming out of surgery with smooth, firm skin, and a flat abdomen can significantly improve a patient’s overall confidence in his or her appearance.

Candidacy for Tummy Tuck Surgery

Are you an ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery? If you are suffering from large amounts of sagging skin or weakened abdominal muscles, you may be a candidate for tummy tuck surgery. Because the results of your tummy tuck surgery can be affected by weight loss and weight gain, you should be able to maintain your body weight before and after undergoing the tummy tuck procedure. While you will lose a small amount of weight from the removal of excess skin and isolated fat deposits after surgery, the tummy tuck procedure is not intended for serious weight loss. Patients who have reached their weight loss goals, but still find themselves bothered by deposits of fat and loose skin in the abdominal region, are often ideal candidates for the tummy tuck procedure.

Ideally, Chevy Chase tummy tuck candidates will:

  • Be at or near their ideal body weight
  • Be in good health and able to undergo surgery
  • Have loose, hanging skin in the abdominal region
  • Have isolated deposits of fat in the abdominal region
  • Be willing to maintain their body weight after undergoing surgery
  • Diligently follow all post-surgical instructions

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