Liposuction Surgery - The Procedure By Hadi Rassael on March 11, 2013

Unfortunately, there are certain areas of the body that are prone to holding onto fat. The hips, the thighs, the buttocks, the flanks, the arms, and the abdomen are among the most common problem areas for both men and women. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise these areas of the body may still stubbornly hold onto pockets of excessive fat deposits. Stubborn areas of isolated fat that are not eliminated through diet and exercise may be removed through liposuction. If you wish to say farewell to stubborn areas of fat, you may benefit from liposuction.

Am I a Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is a highly effective body contouring procedure for men and women who wish to refine their figures. Most patients desiring a slimmer, firmer, and more proportionate body contour are candidates for liposuction. Because liposuction is not meant to aid in weight loss, patients should not be more than 20 pounds over their ideal weight. Patients who are at or near their ideal body weight, are in good health, and are suffering from isolated areas of stubborn fat deposits are typically ideal candidates for the liposuction procedure.

A patient’s skin elasticity is a key factor in determining their candidacy for liposuction. In order to achieve desired results, Chevy Chase cosmetic surgery patients need to have firm, elastic skin that can easily conform to their newly trim body contours. Because the skin must be able to shrink to its new trim contours after undergoing the liposuction procedure patients with loose skin or skin laxity issues may benefit more from other body contouring procedures.

The Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is used to refine the contours of specific areas of the body by removing pockets of excess fatty tissue. For our patients in Chevy Chase the liposuction procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis. Before the liposuction procedure begins, anesthesia will be administered. The amount of fat to be removed, the liposuction technique, and your individual needs will determine which type of anesthesia will be used during the liposuction procedure. During surgery, small incisions are made in the treatment areas. Then, a cannula (a thin tube-like device) is inserted and used to break up and gently suction out excess fat deposits. This process is repeated until the desired amount of fat has been removed. One popular liposuction technique is tumescent liposuction. During tumescent liposuction, a solution is administered directly into the fatty deposits. This solution contains a local anesthetic and epinephrine. Once the solution has been injected, small incisions are made in the skin. Then, the cannula is used to suction out the excess fatty tissues.

Chevy Chase liposuction patients should expect to wear compression garments for at least two to six weeks after undergoing the procedure. Many patients feel up to returning to work within a week following surgery. While your recovery will be unique to you, most patients feel able to return to normal activities two weeks after undergoing the liposuction procedure. During your pre-surgical consultation, we will discuss in great detail all post-surgical aftercare instructions.

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