Benefits of Smart Lipo By Hadi Rassael on August 20, 2013

Use of laser technology to update older practices in both the beauty and medical industries alike, has been widely successful for years.   Smart Lipo is the safer, far more efficient alternative to the traditional liposuction procedure. This revolutionary laser assisted method of body contouring was approved by the FDA in the Untied States in 2006 and has been growing in popularity ever since. While it can’t be taken literally, Smart Lipo’s nickname, “lunch hour lipo”, stems from the swiftness of both the procedure and its recovery time.

Like its former, Smart Lipo can reduce and reshape large areas of the body like the back, hips, thighs, arms and stomach but also smaller places such as the back of the knees and under the chin.  It’s a different means to the same end with reduced risks or side effects that traditional liposuction has.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and usually lasts as little as 45 minutes.  The laser is inserted into the top layer of skin by way of a fiber optic cannula (the tubing used); the incision it goes through is minute in size and the only one needed. The laser then liquefies fat cells as it’s moved back in forth under the skin.  At the same time blood vessels are being cauterized by the laser, this is why the bleeding, swelling and bruising is so minimal with the Smart Lipo procedure as opposed to traditional liposuction.

The recovery time after receiving Smart Lipo is also impressive, a mere 1-3 days before returning to work is all that’s needed. Traditional liposuction is far more aggressive in technique; it requires a minimum of 2 weeks recovery time depending on the size of the treated area in addition to 6 weeks in a compression garment.  There is far less internal trauma with Smart Lipo. The procedure is less invasive, requires no stitches and there is little to no scaring.

The laser used in treatment also stimulates the production of collagen and causes the skin to contract. As a result, cellulite and the risk of loose, sagging skin are eliminated.

Once the laser is removed, another tube is inserted through the same incision. Its purpose is simply to remove the liquefied fat cells from the body.

Once the fat cells have been removed, they do not regenerate. If weight gain occurs, it will not be in the locations Smart Lipo was performed, it will be distributed evenly throughout untreated areas. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program post-treatment is strongly recommended to preserve the results.

If you’re in generally good health but have trouble zones that are unresponsive to regular diet and exercise, you may be the perfect candidate for Smart Lipo.

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