Botox and Juvederm By Hadi Rassael on August 20, 2013

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to treat signs of aging by injection. Fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles and facial creases such as brow lines relax away and skin visibly softens after just one treatment. Botox works by blocking the signal from the nerves to the injected muscle preventing it from contracting. Relaxing the facial muscles prevents wrinkles and creases from forming. Results last about 4-6 months before the treated muscle gradually begins to return to normal. This allows the facial creases to return making another treatment necessary. The use of Botox trains muscles to relax over time so even when you’re in between treatments, lines and creases won’t appear as dramatic as they once were.

The actual procedure is simple. No anesthesia is required and the injections only take about 10 minutes to perform. Mild discomfort is possible and bruising is a possible, temporary side effect of the treatment. To reduce the likelihood of bruising, stop using anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin two weeks before receiving treatment. It could take up to a week for the final results to fully set in. It is also safe and common for Botox treatments to be combined with other cosmetic procedures for additional aesthetically pleasing results.

If the idea of relaxing your muscles to smooth out skin with Botox doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps an injectable filler such as JUVÉDERM™ is a more appropriate way to address your needs.

JUVÉDERM is a gel that is injected to physically fill out the wrinkles and creases in the skin, smoothing out the surface. Like Botox, only one treatment is required and improvement is immediate, but a few days will reveal the final results. Results from JUVÉDERM typically last 6 months but can last up to as much as 9 months before needing another treatment. Skin becomes fuller and firmer in a very natural looking way.

Typical problem areas targeted with JUVÉDERM injections are smile lines, lips, cheeks, vertical lip lines, brow lines and Jawls. This filler can also be applied to other cosmetic enhancements such as defining lips or the chin. It can be used to fill hollow cheeks as well, plumping and smoothing the face for a more youthful appearance.

Both Botox and JUVÉDERM are common, simple and highly effective procedures offering beautiful results when performed by an experienced medical professional. A full consultation with Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael will help to determine the which type of dermal filler will meet your skin care needs providing you with the most natural, lasting and pleasing results.

Dr. Hadi Rassael provides exceptional body and facial surgery at Millennium Medical Spa located in the Washington, DC area. Dr. Rassael is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and is extensively involved with personal education in the latest surgical techniques. Dr. Rassael offers various dermal fillers and cosmetic procedures. Schedule a consultation to discover what available options meet your needs.   



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