Smart Liposuction & Other Lipo Technology By Hadi Rassael on September 04, 2013

What Is Smart Liposuction?

Lasers involve the use of light, and laser light does not exist in nature. The light that we see around us is ‘white light,’ which comprises all colors of the light spectrum. A prism can divide white light into a rainbow of colors, and as white light spreads out from its source, it loses its strength.


Laser light, on the other hand, consists of only one wavelength. Red pointers are lasers, and laser light does not spread out, even over a great distance. Lasers not only have been used for surgery such as smart liposuction but also for a number of other medical and industrial purposes.

Smart liposuction uses laser light to break up fat cells in a target area so that the residue can easily be removed by suction. This technique also helps cauterize capillaries and blood vessels in the fat, which prevents bleeding during and after the procedure. This form of liposuction is useful for tightening the skin, which creates a smoother appearance after the procedure.

Other Forms of Lipo Technology

Although many cosmetic  surgeons now use smart liposuction, there are other forms available that may be more appropriate for your particular situation. Discussing these options with your surgeon before the procedure will help make the operation successful.  Types of lipo technology include:

·         Tumescent liposuction is still popular and gives satisfactory results to most patients. During this procedure, a saline solution that contains a fairly high amount of lidocaine and epinephrine is injected into the target area. The lidocaine serves as a local anesthetic, and the epinephrine helps seal off blood vessels so less bleeding occurs. The amount of solution will cause the area to swell up and become ‘tumescent.’ The cannula is inserted, and the fat cells are suctioned out.

·         Like other liposuction methods, ultrasonic liposuction is used to remove excess and unwanted body fat. Sound waves break up fat cells and tissue, which then allows the cannula to suction out the liquefied fat. Ultrasonic liposuction does not affect blood vessels or nerves to as great a degree as other methods. Recovery time is generally shorter. The ultrasound can be administered either internally or externally, and the latter is used for cases in which larger amounts of fat must be removed.

·         Water-jet liposuction is a newer technique that some cosmetic surgeons are now implementing in their practices. A high-pressure stream of water is used to simply dislodge fat cells rather than actually destroy them. The cannula loosens the fat cells and suctions them up simultaneously.

Regardless of which liposuction technique you and your surgeon prefer, most methods are now considered safe. Liposuction has helped thousands of men and women achieve a better state of health and wellbeing. Newer lipo techniques have reduced the swelling, bruising and bleeding associated with the procedure and yield more satisfactory results. In many cases, only a local anesthetic is required.

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