Forehead Lift Benefits By Hadi Rassael on September 10, 2013

Forehead lift, also known as brow lift, is an excellent treatment in facial rejuvenation. Patients desiring to rejuvenate and refresh their facial appearance may benefit from forehead lift.

The signs of facial aging in the upper portion of the face, including the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes, can give a person the appearance of being angry or tired at all times. Fine lines, wrinkles, creases, drooping, and sagging in the forehead, eye, and upper nose regions are common signs of facial aging. Many of the patients at the cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Radi Michael Rassael in Chevy Chase, undergo brow lift surgery to address these common signs of aging.

Am I a Candidate for Forehead Lift?

Many men and women are candidates for brow lifts. Men and women bothered by signs of facial aging including creases in the forehead, wrinkles, and sagging eyebrows may be candidates for brow lift surgery. Patients considering forehead lift must also be in good health and have realistic expectations of the surgery.

Forehead Lift Benefits

Subtle signs of aging can begin at any time, but around the age of 40 most men and women will begin to notice obvious signs of aging on the face. One of the first areas of the face to show these signs of aging is the forehead. A person’s eyebrows and forehead are full of expression. The forehead and eyebrows show a wide range of emotion from sad, mad, happy, shocked, excited, surprised, and joyful. When sagging and drooping skin in the eyebrow and forehead regions interfere with the expression of these emotions, it can make a person feel frustrated, insecure, and unattractive. It does not boost one’s self-esteem or self-confidence to appear angry, upset, or tired all of the time. The main focus of a brow lift is to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of the upper face. By addressing the signs of facial aging, a person can regain confidence in his or her appearance, thereby vastly improving his or her quality of life.

A forehead lift can improve the appearance of frown lines, improve the position of the eyebrows, and minimize the appearance of creases on the forehead and upper nose. A successful brow lift will leave a patient looking naturally refreshed and more youthful. A qualified, experienced surgeon can achieve superior results. Patients can expect the results of their forehead lifts to last ten years or longer. Another benefit of forehead lift is that it may be combined with other procedures including facelift, neck lift, and eye lift. By combining procedures a patient can erase years’ worth of aging from the face.

The appearance of scarring from forehead lift surgery is minimal and easily concealed within the hair. The recovery process with forehead lift is relatively easy. If endoscopic forehead lift is performed, the recovery process is even easier than with more traditional forehead lift techniques. Another benefit of forehead lift is that it may be performed at any point in a person’s adulthood. Forehead lift is more common in patients that are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, but patients in their 30s and 20s can also benefit from the procedure.

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