Success With Modern Cosmetic Surgery By Hadi Rassael on October 02, 2013

The mantra resounds in modern America: beauty guarantees success.  But this mantra seems jarring when put beside the phrase “all men are created equal,” a thought engrained in American culture and immortalized in the Declaration of Independence.


One uncomfortable question boggles the minds of many: in this land of all men created equal, can a quality that results from a roll of the genetic dice significantly alter the outcome of our lives?  The answer to the question seems to be an overwhelming “yes.” According to The Economist, “physically attractive women and men earn more than average-looking ones, and very plain people earn less.”  But why does physical appearance matter so much? 

The Birth of an Obsession

In these ancient roots we find the beginning of our own struggle with defining the true nature of beauty.  Is beauty a predetermined physical quality?  What can we do to achieve humanity’s most sought-after quality?

A biased Socrates argued in vain against the importance of conventional physical beauty two millennia ago.  He tried to defend his unfortunate looks to his friends in the Symposium: “my eyes are more beautiful because they bulge out, so I can see better.  The same goes for my nose; its wide nostrils can gather more smells.” 

The Greek world praised physical beauty above all else, but without cosmetic surgery, the only way to improve one’s appearance in the age of Socrates was in the preservation of one’s lasting memory.  Bodies for statues were standardized to look like the gods; only heads were carved to match the individuals.  Perhaps Socrates’ criticism of his culture’s obsession with physical perfection reflects his lack of options. 

Cosmetic Surgery: The Answer to an Age Old Question

One generation after Socrates, Aristotle arrived on scene with a different point of view.  He praised beauty as a virtue and invented the science of beauty.  To him, beauty could be measured.  To the greatest Greek philosopher, beauty was the perfect symmetry between two extremes, a principle that holds true today.  From this ancient principle we have inherited this question: if beauty can be measured, can it be created?  Cosmetic surgery has given us the answer—yes, it can. 

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