What Are the Risks of Breast Augmentation? By Hadi Rassael on October 20, 2013

Breast augmentation is performed worldwide to enhance the physical appearance of thousands of women each year. The majority of these procedures produce successful results with no complications. Overall, breast augmentation is considered a safe procedure, especially when performed by a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael. However, just as with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation is not without its risks. Dr. Rassael does not offer his Montgomery County patients breast augmentation without first ensuring that they have a clear understanding of the risks involved with breast augmentation surgery and are willing to accept these risks.

Breast Augmentation Risks

Dr. Rassael has many years of experience performing breast augmentation surgery and providing women with the aesthetic results they desire for their body. As a skilled surgeon, it is very unlikely that a patient undergoing breast augmentation with Dr. Rassael will experience any surgical complications. Furthermore, Dr. Rassael carefully screens patients in order to determine if they are good candidates for this surgical procedure. However, all patients should be aware of the potential for complications when undergoing breast augmentation. Although most breast augmentation procedures will have successful results, the following complications are a risk of this surgery:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Hematoma, or a collection of blood beneath the skin
  • Nerve damage, which may result in a loss of sensation in the nipples or breast tissue
  • Capsular contracture, a condition in which scar tissue forms and squeezes the implant, causing physical discomfort and distorting the shape of the implant
  • Asymmetry of the breasts
  • Dissatisfaction with the results of surgery

Again, these complications are unusual and do not occur in most cases. Dr. Rassael takes great care to ensure that each breast augmentation is performed safely and with a great attention to aesthetic detail. Patients can also help ensure that complications do not occur by carefully following the post-surgical care instructions that are provided by Dr. Rassael. By taking proper care of the breasts following surgery and allowing for ample time to heal, patients can increase the chances of successful surgical results and decrease the chances of complication.

Addressing Breast Augmentation Complications

While it is extremely unfortunate when a patient suffers from complications following breast augmentation or does not achieve the aesthetic results they desired from the procedure, there are options available to address these complications. In many cases breast augmentation revision can be performed to treat complications such as capsular contracture or to correct visual imperfections. Breast augmentation revision may involve replacing the implant and exchanging it with one of a different size or type or changing the placement of the implant. If, for any reason, a patient is dissatisfied with the results of breast augmentation, Dr. Rassael can discuss the possibility of breast augmentation revision.

Schedule a Consultation

Although no surgery is free of risks, patients can feel confident that they are in good hands with Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael. Patient safety and satisfaction are considered top priorities for Dr. Rassael. If you have been considering breast augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rassael at your earliest convenience to learn if you are a good candidate for this procedure. We look forward to hearing from you.

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