How to Reduce Scarring during Breast Augmentation By Hadi Rassael on November 04, 2013

The lives of our patients in the Silver Spring region have been enhanced through breast augmentation. However, the factor many patients are most concerned about is the appearance of scarring after breast augmentation surgery. Though breast augmentation can build confidence, it is an unfortunate fact that surgical procedures do leave scars.

However, in the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, the scars are smaller and less noticeable than in the past. And many women agree that the improvements that breast augmentation gives to their appearance compensates for the scarring. 

However, the best outcome is to take all steps possible to reduce scarring. Working together, we can minimize scars.

Reduce Scarring from the Very Start

One of the first steps patients can take to minimize scarring is selecting a surgical approach that fits your needs. In consultation with you, we can select a technique that minimizes scarring and is appropriate for your body. Choosing the right technique is key.

The surgical incisions can be placed:

  • At the base of the breast
  • Around the areola
  • In the armpit
  • In the belly button

Each of these choices has its own pros and cons. We go over your options to help you select the one that best fits your needs.

Reduce Scarring during Recovery

Taking care of yourself after surgery is another important step to reduce scarring after breast augmentation surgery. Everyone is unique and scarring can be affected by factors such as your medical condition, overall health, your habits, and genetics.

There are steps you can take to reduce scarring. Our recommendations include:

  • Follow your post-operative instructions. Taking care of yourself by following our post-operative instructions is key to reducing scarring. Be sure to follow the instructions that you receive after surgery.
  • Avoid movements that will cause stress or pull at the incision.
  • Do not touch the incision to prevent it from becoming infected. You will be given instructions on how to properly care for your incision site.
  • Wear your surgical bra following surgery. After you have been told you may return to your normal bra after surgery, continue to wear a bra night and day for at least six months to protect the healing tissue.
  • Use silicone sheets. Silicone gel sheets can help reduce the thickness of scars. We can advise you on a product to use. Follow the product directions for the best results.
  • Use a scar reducing cream. After your incision has healed, use a scar reducing cream. Typically these are applied twice a day. We can advise you on creams. Follow product instructions.
  • Take Vitamin E. Vitamin E may help lighten scars. Consult with our team for the appropriate time to start taking Vitamin E and the correct dosage.
  • Give it time. It may take as long as a year for a scar to stabilize to its permanent appearance. Give the scar time to fade.
  • Massage your scars daily. This helps soften the scar tissue and improve circulation at the scar site.
  • Use sunscreen. Avoid sunlight on the scarred area until the redness and inflammation is gone. Of course, we recommend using sunscreen all the time, even after healing.
  • Keep your follow-up appointments. To ensure a complete recovery, please keep your post-surgical appointments.

Due to genetic or other factors, sometimes scars do not fade as you wish. If this is the case, please mention your concerns. It may be possible to further reduce the appearance of scars through additional treatments.

Are You Concerned about Scarring?

Breast augmentation has many benefits, but scarring cannot be avoided in a surgical procedure. If you have concerns, please contact us so we can address your personal questions.

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