Liposuction Among Men By Hadi Rassael on November 04, 2013

Male cosmetic procedures are on the rise across the board. Men often are drawn to procedures like eyelid surgery, chin implants and other facial procedures. They also use of laser hair-removal patients, eager to permanently remove unsightly back and arm hair.


The Daily Mail says that men have set their sights on a new procedure. A private clinic reports that 40 percent of its liposuction patients are men, and others also report increases in male liposuction procedures.

Men generally choose to have liposuction on the love handles and the abdominal area. The attraction to love-handle liposuction is a new development among the male population.

For approximately five years, men have shown interest in cosmetic treatments that benefit the chest and abdominal regions. They may be targeting their sides now because they are the most difficult to tone in the gym. Months of regular exercise can produce a strong chest and abdomen, but it’s difficult to get rid of flabby love handles.

Many male liposuction patients are very active but find that they cannot tone their flanks on their own. This makes them perfect candidates for liposuction. The procedure is designed for people who desire reasonable amounts of weight loss and often is not performed on patients that are obese.

So, what’s causing men to undergo more cosmetic procedures? Many surgeons have noticed that male patients are becoming more interested in attaining an all-around better body. Several men also get cosmetic procedures to extend their prime and keep up with younger women.

The job market also may influence many men’s decisions to seek cosmetic treatments. After the financial downturn, there’s a lot more competition for jobs.

The economic collapse flooded the market with qualified professionals that have very similar resumes. Job applicants today feel pressure to tighten up their images and come across as more youthful and healthy during interviews. Cosmetic procedures allow them to fit a company’s vision of what an ideal employee looks like.

The urge to present a positive image to prospective employers leads many men to take a greater interest in their overall health. If you’re located in Washington, D.C. and are considering liposuction, we’d love to schedule consultation. Call Us At 301-652-9005 Today! 

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