Cosmetic Surgery Improves Long-Term By Hadi Rassael on November 05, 2013

Maintaining weight loss is a major concern for patients that undergo gastric-bypass surgery. Regaining the weight can cause severe psychological and physiological damages. Fortunately, Science Daily reports that one treatment could help these patients avoid weight gain: body contouring.


A recent study reveals that body contouring, a popular cosmetic-surgery procedure, improves a patient’s chances of maintaining weight loss. It tracked the long-term weight changes of two groups of gastric-bypass patients over a seven-year period.

The first group received both the bypass surgery and a body-contouring procedure. The second only underwent the bypass surgery.

In the first two years after their respective surgeries, the members of the first group only gained about one pound per year on average. The members of second group gained an average of four pounds per year.

After seven years, the patients that underwent body contouring regained about 14 pounds. Patients who only had bypasses gained almost 50 pounds in the same period. The study did not include weight loss that resulted from body contouring’s skin removal.

Body Contouring In Washington, D.C. Can Prevent Weight Gain

If you recently underwent a gastric-bypass surgery or are considering one, it’s time to take control of your long-term, weight-loss goals. Do you really want to see 50 extra pounds return within seven years?

People living in the Washington, D.C. area can address many of their cosmetic-surgery needs with Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael. Dr. Rassael was trained at some of the world’s premier medical centers, including Johns Hopkins Burn Center, Walter Reed Medical Center and Saint Agnes Hospital. To schedule an appointment, Contact Us At 301-652-9005 Today!

Body Contouring Is An Essential Part Of Gastric Bypass

The researchers involved in the study believe that body contouring is reconstructive, rather than cosmetic, for gastric-bypass patients. Based on the results, body contouring is recommended to any patient that is a good candidate. The procedure not only keeps the weight from returning, but it also can remove the uncomfortable folds of skin that are left after rapid weight-loss.

By keeping patients from regaining large amounts of weight, the procedure helps prevent the many health risks associated with obesity. When used together, gastric-bypass surgery and body contouring can provide a comprehensive weight-loss solution for people who are obese. To schedule a body-contouring procedure, Call Us Today At 301-652-9005 Today!


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