Smoking Ages Skin, But Face Procedures Can Help By Hadi Rassael on January 06, 2014

The negative effects of smoking are widely known. The fact that smoking causes lung, throat and jaw problems has been confirmed again and again by researchers all over the world. CNN reports that skin problems can officially be added to that list.


A new study confirmed the long-held belief that smoking can cause premature aging. Researchers took an innovative approach by looking at 79 sets of twins. In 45 sets, one of the twins was a smoker, and the other was not. In the remaining sets, both twins smoked, but one had been smoking for at least five years longer than the other. Doctors studied photos of the twins side by side and found that the twins that had been smoking longer showed more marks of aging on their faces.


Premature Facial Aging Can Be Caused In Many Ways, But Simple Cosmetic Surgery Can Help


Smoking isn’t the only thing that can age your face; other well-known causes include tanning, alcohol use and stress. There are, however, some things that cause age that can’t be changed. For example, research has shown that genetics plays a role in how quickly your face ages. Also, unless you’ve embraced the lifestyle of a Tibetan monk, facial expressions will add up to cause fine lines. So what can you do when you start to notice markers of age like lower lip wrinkles, crow’s feet and sagging jowls?


There are many non-invasive face procedures that can help. At Millennium Medical, we offer a full range of procedures that can help anybody reverse the effects of aging. We offer everything from skin treatments, such as Botox and chemical peels, to facelifts. To schedule an appointment and find out which procedure would work best for you, Call Us At 301-652-9005 Today!


Smoking Has A Very Real Effect On Your Skin’s Health


Smoking doesn’t just affect the way your skin looks; it also affects your skin’s overall health. It reduces skin circulation by blocking collagen formation. Also, research shows nicotine can thin skin and reduce its elasticity. The study proved that just five years of smoking could cause visibly older skin.


Dr. Hadi Rassael of Millennium Medical has been a cosmetic surgeon for nearly two decades, and, in that time, he has become extremely proficient in both surgical and non-surgical procedures. No matter what type of results you are looking for, Dr. Rassael can help you. To discuss your body image goals, Call Us At 301-652-9005 Today!


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