Benefits and Risks of Large Breast Implants By Hadi Rassael on January 17, 2014

As breast augmentation has become commonplace, more women are considering larger breast implants. If that trend includes you, then you will want to investigate the benefits and risks that large breast implants involve.

As we all know, trends come and go, so if you are considering large-sized breast implants you should be honest with yourself and decide if you will still be happy with large implants when the fad goes out of style. Choosing a breast implant size should be based on your own personal goals and what complements your anatomy.

In reality, there is no perfect size for implants, whether big or small. If you are short or have a narrow chest, then a large implant may throw your body out of proportion. On the other hand, if you are tall or have a broad chest, then a large implant could be just right.

Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael at Millennium Medical, serving greater Washington D.C., can help you make a thoughtful decision about large breast implants. A personal consultation will include a conversation about what you seek in breast augmentation combined with an informative discussion about the risks and benefits of large implants.  

Benefits of Large Breast Implants

  • Visually Distinctive. If you are a person who enjoys being unique and likes to stand out in a crowd, then large breast implants can help you achieve that.
  • Better Proportions. If you are a woman with larger hips, then a large breast implant can improve your proportions. By increasing the size of your chest to complement your hips, you can acquire feminine curves and an hourglass figure.
  • Avoid Regret. After breast implant surgery, many women regret that they did not go larger. They then undergo additional surgeries to achieve the look they really desired.

Risks of Large Breast Implants

  • Going too large. It is possible for a patient to overestimate the size they want and be physically or emotionally uncomfortable with the outcome. This is why it is important to work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon that can anticipate outcomes and guide you in a suitable decision.  
  • Increased risk of complications. Larger implants increase the risk of complications, including nipple numbness, stretch marks, bottoming out, capsular contracture, rippling, and thinning of breast tissue.
  • Increased risk of sagging. The weight of large implants can cause increased and earlier sagging.
  • Increased strain. The weight of large implants can lead to neck, back, and shoulder strain.
  • Limitations on physical activities or sports. Large breast implants may become obtrusive in daily life and physical activities. If you are active in sports, implant size may have an impact on your lifestyle.
  • Increased risk of secondary revisions. The increased risk of complications can increase the need for additional surgeries to correct problems.
  • Social Consequences. Right or wrong,people may judge you by your breast size. You need to weigh how this will affect your career and your life.

Next Steps

If you are considering breast augmentation, particularly large breast implants, a personal consultation will provide the opportunity to get answers to your questions and learn how the risks and benefits apply to you. To find out more about our transformative breast procedures, please call our offices today.

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