What Are the Benefits and Risks of Small Breast Implants? By Hadi Rassael on January 21, 2014

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that allows women to enhance the figure by adding volume to the breasts. This is an ideal solution for women who were born with naturally small breasts or for those who have experienced a loss in shape or volume following pregnancy, breast feeding, or weight loss. While many women are eager to enhance the bust line, some have a hard time deciding just how much of an increase they desire and opt for a more subtle change with small breast implants. At his cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael discusses with his Washington DC patients the benefits and risks of small breast implants.

Benefits of Small Breast Implants

For women who are looking for a subtle and natural-looking enhancement, small breast implants are likely the best option for breast augmentation. Choosing a smaller sized breast implant offers women a number of aesthetic and physical benefits, including the following:

  • Natural appearance: Because smaller breast implants create a more subtle change and often better fit a patient’s body framework, most patients believe they offer a more natural appearance.
  • Less conspicuous: Many women want to increase bust size without making it obvious that they have undergone cosmetic surgery. With the slight increase in chest size that is offered by small breast implants, the body will be enhanced without calling immediate attention to the fact that cosmetic surgery was performed.
  • Less stress and easier recovery: By increasing the size of the breasts only slightly, patients will be putting less pressure on the natural breast tissue. This can decrease the risk of capsular contracture and other complications of breast augmentation and should also result in a slightly easier and more comfortable recovery.
  • Good proportions: For many women, smaller breast implants create more balanced proportions for the figure. This can put less stress on the back, neck, and shoulders than large implants on a more petite frame, and will likely make it easier to find clothing that fits appropriately.

Risks of Small Breast Implants

There are no physical risks of small breast implants, however, women who opt for small breast implants do carry the risk of being dissatisfied with the results of surgery. Because the goal of breast augmentation is to create more volume and curves for the female figure, some women may find that the enhancement of small breast implants does not meet their aesthetic goals, especially once all post-surgical swelling has gone down. While it is possible to perform a second procedure in order to increase the breast implant size, it is always ideal to avoid additional surgeries. It is a good idea for a patient to bring a photo representing the end results they would desire for breast augmentation. This way Dr. Rassael can help patients choose an implant size that is likely to produce the ideal aesthetic.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering breast augmentation to enhance your figure and have questions about the procedure or the type of breast implant that is best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael at your earliest convenience. Dr. Rassael can explain the breast augmentation procedure and answer any additional questions you may have.

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