Breast Augmentation and Symmastia By Hadi Rassael on February 17, 2014

There are many different ways to enhance the overall appearance of your curves. One of the most popular options out there is breast augmentation surgery. During the procedure, breast implants are placed in order to boost the size, shape, and volume of the breasts, creating a more effeminate appearance in the process. When you meet with a skilled cosmetic surgeon, you'll b able to learn more about the various risks and benefits of surgery.

One particular risk that may occur is known as symmastia. We'd like to go over the basics of symmastia right now so understand what it entails.

What is symmastia?

Symmastia refers to a case in which the breast implants merge into the center of the chest over the sternum. This makes the breasts appear conjoined rather than separate. Symmastia has also been referred to as "bread loafing" and "uniboob" given the unappealing appearance of the condition.

What causes symmastia to occur?

Symmastia occurs when the breast and chest structures exert pressure on the breast implants and force them together toward the sternum. This can be caused by the glandular and connective tissue in the breast area or by the pectoral muscles.

How common is symmastia after breast augmentation surgery?

Thankfully, symmastia is a rare complication for breast augmentation patients.

The complication tends to be more common in patients who undergo submuscular breast augmentation rather than subglandular breast augmentation. The size of the breast implants can also make symmastia more likely in some patients depending on the dimensions of their chest. We should also note that patients with chest wall abnormalities are more likely to experience symmastia than other patients without such issues.

All of these above matters will likely be brought up during the consultation process so that you can make an informed decision about all of your surgical options.

Methods of Preventing Symmastia

In general, picking the right cosmetic surgeon with ample experience is the best way to avoid symmastia. A skilled surgeon will be able to take into account various factors related to breast augmentation surgery and the patient's anatomy, and in doing so make wise decisions to ensure a positive surgical experience free from problems. Breast implant size and breast implant placement are both carefully considered in order to prevent symmastia from occurring.

If symmastia does occur despite the cosmetic surgeon's experience and planning, there are thankfully different treatment options to consider to revise the problem.

Revision Surgery for Symmastia

For patients who had their breast implants placed subglandularly (under the mammary gland but above the pectoral muscle), the old breast implants are removed and then placed under the pectoral muscle (submuscular implant placement).

For patients who had their breast implants placed submuscularly, the old implants are removed and replaced. The new breast implants will either be placed into a repaired breast pocket beneath the pectoral muscle or a new breast pocket that is created between the pectoral muscle and the previous implant pocket.

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