Types of Breast Augmentation Malposition By Hadi Rassael on March 01, 2014

There are many factors that contribute to creating a natural and attractive result from breast augmentation surgery. For our Washington DC patients receiving breast implants, placement is extremely important in creating an ideal shape for the bust line and in keeping balance and symmetry between the two breasts. Unfortunately, there are situations that can occur either during or after surgery that cause breast implants to shift out of proper placement. Direct trauma to the breast, capsular contracture, or over dissection of the breast pocket during surgery are just some of the possible causes of breast augmentation malposition. Cosmetic surgeon Hadi Rassael explains the different types of breast augmentation malposition, the cosmetic flaws they can create, and how this situation can be corrected.

Types of Malposition

When performing breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Rassael is very particular about the placement of the breast implants because he knows how important placement is to the overall results of surgery. Dr. Rassael also sees patients who have experienced breast augmentation malposition either as a result of a surgical error, an injury, or a surgical complication. Depending on the cause of the condition, breast augmentation malposition can occur immediately or several years after surgery. Below are some of the possible types of malposition:

  • Breast implants that are too high or too low: Breast implants that sit too high can look very unnatural, while those that sit too low, often described as “bottoming out”, can appear saggy and bottom heavy.
  • Breast implants that are too close to the middle of the chest: This condition, known as symmastia, creates breasts that are too close together, again creating an unnatural appearance.
  • Breast implants that are too far to the outside of the chest: As opposed to breasts that are centered to the middle of the chest, breast implants that sit toward the outer walls of the chest create a wide, cavernous cleavage, which many consider to be unnatural and unattractive.

It is important to note that breast augmentation malposition can result in one or both breasts. Similarly, the two breasts could experience different types of malposition. This is why one of the cosmetic flaws that result from malposition is asymmetry between the breasts and nipples.

Correcting Breast Augmentation Malposition

Ideally, patients will achieve the aesthetic results they desire from breast augmentation. However, if malposition does occur, Dr. Rassael can correct the condition. A secondary surgery will be required in order to remove the breast implant and close the breast implant pocket. A new pocket will then be created in order to shift the location of the breast implant as necessary depending on each patient’s unique situation. A new implant will be placed in this pocket, resulting in a symmetrical bust line that is more naturally positioned.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re unhappy with the results of breast augmentation due to malposition, Dr. Hadi Rassael can help you achieve the appearance you desire. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rassael at your earliest convenience to discuss breast augmentation revision surgery. Let us help you achieve the results you deserve from cosmetic surgery.

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