Areolar Breast Augmentation Offers Many Advantages Over Other Techniques By Hadi Rassael on March 14, 2014

When you feel that your breasts simply look too small, or do not have full appearance you desire, your self-esteem may suffer. Fortunately, a breast augmentation can improve the fullness, perkiness, size, symmetry, and beauty of your bust line. At our Washington DC cosmetic surgery center, Millennium Medical, Dr. Rassael offers areolar breast augmentation. This technique improves surgeon precision, and promotes barely visible to undetectable scarring, and a variety of other advantages over other types of incisions, for the beautifully completed results you desire. 

What Is Areolar Breast Augmentation?

Areolar breast augmentation is a technique that involves making an incision around the dark area of skin that surrounds your nipple, referred to as the areola. You may hear this called “nipple incision,” or more appropriately “periareolar incision.” The prefix “peri-” means “around.” In this type of breast augmentation, your surgeon will carefully make an incision around your areola, typically only including the lower half. This type of incision will work with either saline or silicone implants.

What Are the Benefits of Areolar Breast Augmentation?

When you know that you want breast augmentation, you may not have considered the different options for incisions. Your doctor will carefully consider the options. If the surgeon suggests areolar breast augmentation, he or she will provide you with a step-by-step explanation of what to expect. A cosmetic surgeon commonly chooses the incision approach; areolar breast augmentation offers a wide variety of benefits. If you have decided that a breast augmentation is for you, but you are unsure whether areolar incisions are your best choice, look over the following list of benefits for a clearer understanding of this technique:

  • Making incisions along your areola’s border allows your cosmetic surgeon to “hide” the scar, which may become “invisible” once you heal
  • Your surgeon will have direct access to your breast pocket, for incredible control over implant placement and symmetry
  • By entering through the areola, your surgeon can carefully place the implant while preserving the nerves within your nipples
  • You will not need to camouflage your scars, even when wearing bikini tops
  • Your surgeon can make an incision in the same location if you require additional surgery

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you desire breast augmentation because you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, and you would prefer to avoid noticeable scarring, areolar breast augmentation may offer you the solution you desire. However, in the case of very small areolas, or a desire for extremely large breast implants, the room provided by this incision may not allow for a successful augmentation. Your doctor will thoroughly examine you before your procedure, and will create a customized care plan before the augmentation. If an areolar incision is not your best solution, the surgeon will discuss alternative options, so you can achieve the improved appearance of your dreams.

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