Advantages of the Inframammary Breast Augmentation Technique By Hadi Rassael on March 28, 2014

When undergoing breast augmentation surgery, there are many decisions to be made that will have an effect on the final outcome of the procedure. Among these decisions is the surgical technique that will be used. The surgical technique is the decision of where the incision will be made in order to place the breast implants. As a cosmetic surgeon with years of experience enhancing the beauty of his patients, Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael has found that the majority of his Washington DC patients undergoing breast augmentation prefer the inframammary technique. This is a precise technique that offers superior control and accuracy to Dr. Rassael, and results in surgical scars that are easily concealed. These are just some of the reasons that the inframammary technique is the most popular choice among breast augmentation patients.

What Is the Inframammary Technique?

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation allows patients to add volume and shape to the breasts in order to improve overall body contour. While there are many possible techniques that can be used during surgery, the inframammary technique is considered the standard of breast augmentation. The inframammary technique utilizes a surgical incision that is placed at the base of the breast. This incision is carefully placed in the natural crease of the breast where it meets the chest wall. Through this incision, Dr. Rassael is able to create a surgical pocket in which the breast implant will be placed. This incision allows Dr. Rassael to accurately create an implant pocket either above or below the pectoral muscle, centering it behind the nipple. The breast implant is then inserted into the pocket and the incision is closed so that healing can begin.

Benefits of the Inframammary Technique

When it comes to selecting a surgical technique for breast augmentation, the decision really comes down to personal preference. So why do so many patients select the inframammary technique? In most cases, patients prefer the inframammary technique because of the benefits that it offers, including the following:

  • Superior control: The inframammary technique offer superior control to Dr. Rassael. This allows for accurate placement of the breast implant, which is very important to the final results of surgery.
  • Scar placement: Scars are a concern for many patients undergoing breast augmentation. With the incision at the base of the breast, the remaining scar is easily hidden beneath the natural fold of the breast. This scar can also easily be concealed by a bra or bikini.
  • Easy placement of silicone implants: Silicone implants are filled before placement so not all breast augmentation techniques will accommodate silicone implants. With the inframammary technique, Dr. Rassael can easily and accurately insert a silicone implant.
  • The incision site can be reused: If, for any reason, a complication occurred or revision surgery became necessary, the inframammary incision can be reused during revision surgery, saving patients from an additional incision (and scar) site.

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