Breast Augmentation Can Improve Breast Appearance for Patients of Many Ages By Hadi Rassael on April 08, 2014

If you are unhappy with the size, shape, or overall appearance of your breasts, you may be considering breast augmentation surgery. Though breast augmentation has been performed on women of all ages, including teenagers who reach the age of 18 to women in their 50s, it is important that each woman who chooses to undergo this surgery do so when the time is right for her. We welcome you to schedule a consultation with Washington DC-based cosmetic surgeon Hadi Rassael to discuss your personal goals and expectations. In the meantime, read on to learn about the recommended ages for breast augmentation candidates.

At What Age Should Breast Augmentation Be Performed

Breast implant surgery has been performed on women of all ages, with most being in their mid to late 30s. Some surgeons will perform breast augmentation on teenagers under the age of 18. However, this is not recommended. Teenagers, including 18 and 19 year olds, should not undergo breast augmentation as the breasts may not be fully developed and may continue to develop into their early 20s. In addition, the FDA has not approved the use of saline implants in people under 18 nor has it approved the use of silicone implants in people under 22. Once a woman is over 18, her age is generally not a factor when it comes to determining candidacy for breast augmentation.

As long as a woman is healthy enough to undergo surgery, understands the risks associated with breast augmentation, and has realistic expectations about the surgical outcome, even a 65+-year-old woman can be a candidate. It is becoming more common for older women to undergo breast augmentation. Though breast augmentation is most commonly performed on patients in the 30 to 39 year old age group, there has been a significant rise in breast augmentation amongst women in the 40 to 55 year old range.

Other Factors to Consider

When it comes to breast augmentation, patient age is secondary to patient health. Women deciding to undergo breast augmentation must be healthy enough to withstand surgery, and understand the risks and side effects associated with this treatment. Candidates for breast augmentation include:

  • Well Informed Patients: Breast augmentation is a serious surgery, which can result in serious side effects and risks. Patients who choose to undergo this elective surgery must be fully aware of all of the possible risks and side effects.
  • Healthy Individuals: Patient health is of utmost importance when it comes to breast augmentation. Those with medical problems such as heart conditions or uncontrolled diabetes are generally not suitable candidates. Be sure to disclose your full medical history and medications to your surgeon to ensure you're healthy enough for breast augmentation.
  • People with Realistic Expectations: Breast augmentation can help increase confidence but it should not be seen as the key to fix all of life's problems. Breast augmentation surgery alone cannot make you happier, or improve your relationship. Those who undergo breast augmentation must have realistic expectations and a healthy body image.
  • Over 18: Though breast augmentation has been performed on patients under 18, it is generally not recommended. Patients should be over 18 and well aware of the implications of breast implant surgery.
  • Dissatisfied with the Breasts: Breast augmentation can improve a number of breast issues like shape, size, or deflated looking breasts. As reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation can restore a woman's bust line following a mastectomy. 

Find Out if You're a Candidate

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