Breast Lift Surgery Techniques Restore a Perky, Youthful Bust Line By Hadi Rassael on October 30, 2021

Female with a firm and shapely bust lineAs a person ages, it is natural for the skin to lose elasticity. Parts of the body that were once firm and youthful in appearance may begin to appear worn out. This is a problem that can affect all areas of the body, including the breasts. While age plays a large factor in breast ptosis (the medical term for breast sagging), this condition can also be aggravated by factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and fluctuations in weight. A breast lift addresses sagging to restore a firmer and more youthful bust line for our patients. Because there are various degrees of sagging that may occur, as well as other issues that may require attention, Dr. Hadi Rassael offers his Washington DC patients four different breast lift techniques, which allows him to provide appropriate treatment for patients based on their specific needs.


Every patient and each body is unique, so even if a woman has experienced the same circumstances, the skin and breasts may not respond in the same way. For example, while one woman may come through pregnancy with only a minimal degree of breast sagging, another may have a severe loss of shape and firmness. Fortunately, a breast lift can correct any degree of sagging, because there are different techniques that address the unique needs of each patient. Below are the four breast lift techniques that are offered by Dr. Rassael:

  • Areolar or crescent lift: This technique offers the smallest degree of alteration and is sometimes referred to as a partial lift. This technique uses a very short incision that encompasses the upper third of the areolar complex, in a crescent shape. Through this incision, Dr. Rassael can lift the nipple and breast slightly. This technique is ideal for younger patients or those with a minimal degree of sagging.
  • Peri-areolar or doughnut lift: This technique involves an incision that completely encompasses the areolar complex. This technique is ideal for patients who have a minimal degree of sagging and who have experienced a drooping of the nipple position. The entire areolar complex can be lifted and repositioned through this technique to provide a more lifted look to the breasts.
  • Vertical lift: The vertical lift also involves an incision that encompasses the nipple areolar, but in addition, it extends vertically down the middle of the breast. This technique is well suited to moderate to severe sagging. The breast tissues and muscles can be manipulated and the nipple can be repositioned or resized as needed.
  • Inverted T lift: The inverted T technique expands on the incision used in the vertical lift. Also known as the anchor lift, this incision encircles the areolar complex, extends down the middle of the breast, and then expands across the base of the breast, against the chest wall. This is the most comprehensive technique and allows for alterations to the muscles, removal of breast tissue (if necessary), repositioning or resizing of the areolar complex, as well as the insertion of an implant (for those who desire increased volume). This technique is recommended for patients with the most severe degree of drooping and sagging.

No matter what technique is used, a breast lift can help patients restore a breast line that is perky and youthful.

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