Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is the surgical procedure for enlargement of breast size. Breast augmentation is meant to improve a women’s body contour. These include women with naturally small breast and also those who have lost breast volume following pregnancy and nursing. This operation may help balance breast asymmetries, however it is important to note that difference in the size, shape or orientation of the two breasts is considered normal and is actually the rule. While breast augmentation will enlarge the breasts, the surgery can not change the underlying defects in breast shape and form. If breast size and/or nipple position asymmetries are severe, additional procedures to further improve symmetry may be necessary. Saline filled or silicone gel implants may be implanted by several routes by an incision thru peri areolar (around the areola), inframammary (lower breast folds), transaxillary (arm pits) as well as transumbilical (via the navel) or transabdominal (over the abdominal wall) during an abdominoplasty surgery. The implants can be placed submuscular [under the muscle (partial or full)], subfascial [under the fascia (the lining over the muscle)] or submammary [below the breast tissue and over the muscle and fascia].

Breast Augmentation Chevy ChaseBreast Augmentation Chevy Chase

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