Endermologie is a method for reducing or eliminating the appearance of cellulite, and has become particularly popular in the United States after several years of proven effectiveness in Europe.

Many women choose to have endermologie treatments after liposuction or weight loss due to diet or exercise, because while you may appear to be in better shape, cellulite - a dimpling of the skin - is often left behind and can give your skin a "cottage cheese" appearance.

During an endermologie session, we will:

  • Determine which parts of your body will respond best to treatment.
  • Use rollers on the effected area of your skin.
  • Use suction to redistribute and contour your skin.

We encourage you to drink several glasses of water both before and after your endermologie sessions. There is minimal discomfort, and many women report that they enjoy the feeling of the rollers – which is similar to deep tissue massage.


Here at Millennium Medical, we understand that your physical appearance plays a significant role in your self-esteem. Unfortunately, unwanted cellulite and fat pockets result in a loss of body confidence for many individuals. That’s why we offer a way to eliminate this stubborn fat, allowing you to feel confident in your look and proud of your new physique. Count on us to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with a range of surgical and nonsurgical procedures, including liposuction and lipomassage treatments in Chevy Chase, MD.


Every person’s body is unique. Therefore, we take the time to understand your body and analyze its trouble spots. You’re sure to be impressed by the custom service we deliver in a warm, soothing environment. This personalized approach allows us to recommend the most effective treatment for you. Lipomassage—a nonsurgical lymphatic massage intended as part of liposuction recovery—is one of our more popular treatments and helps reduce unwanted body fat following a liposuction procedure.


Every member of our team is committed to helping our patients feel their best. We’re proud to be trusted by people in the Northwest Washington, DC area, including the communities of Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, Gaithersburg, and Montgomery County. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about post-liposuction massages.

Dr. Hadi Rassael

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Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hadi Rassael, offers the communities of Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase, MD, and surrounding areas a relaxing boutique spa experience. He offers a number of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatment options including:

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