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Are you struggling to lose excess fat around your stomach, thighs, or back, in spite of exercise and a healthy diet?

Liposuction can be an effective, minimally-invasive procedure to get rid of that stubborn excess fat.

Dr. Hadi M. Rassael in Chevy Chase, MD, can perform liposuction and get you back to feeling your most confident.

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Receive your first area of liposuction treatment starting at $2,500.

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The Benefits Of Liposuction

Liposuction removes the subcutaneous fat that can be difficult to lose through diet and exercise alone. The body contouring effects reveal a more cosmetically appealing shape.

Rapid Results

There is significantly less downtime with this body contouring procedure compared to other procedures. Recovery from surgery is generally just two to six weeks. You will notice a refinement to your figure almost immediately, with final results appearing around six to eight months.


With a healthy diet and routine exercise, the results of liposuction can last for several years. The procedure may only need to be performed once for outstanding results to be achieved. 

Healthier Self-Image

If extra fat deposits have you feeling self-conscious about your body, liposuction can help. By removing the excess fat and contouring the treatment area, liposuction can help you regain your confidence.

The Liposuction Results You Could Have

Before liposuction
Before Side View
After liposuction
After Side View

A Unique Experience Tailored for Every Patient

Our Chevy Chase location offers our patients a luxury experience designed to meet their comfort and relaxation needs. It is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to provide top-quality results.

Our surgeon offers uniquely tailored treatments to help each patient look their best. Dr. Rassael's experience and continuing education in the field of cosmetic surgery have allowed him to provide the Washington, D.C., area with incredible results.

Contact our Chevy Chase, MD, office to request your consultation and lose that stubborn fat.


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Tempus Fugit


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Honest, personable, friendly doc that will help you achieve your cosmetic needs by showing different options best suited. The front desk team are helpful polite and professional. I def would recommend and will continue service for my cosmetic needs.

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Justin Gonzalez


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I adore Dr. Rassael is quite possibly the kindest man and has a great bedside manner. I never feel rushed and he is always willing to explain procedures and options as long and to the detail necessary. I feel comfortable with his recommendations, his work, and I know I will always get the desired results. His office staff has only been equally polite, accommodating and thoughtful. ❤️

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Modern Liposuction Techniques

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is an advanced liposuction technique that uses a solution comprised of a diluted local anesthetic (lidocaine) and vasoconstrictor drug (epinephrine). This solution is injected into the subcutaneous fat and applies anesthesia to the area as well as limits the bleeding that occurs with other liposuction procedures, like laser-assisted liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, and ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Tumescent liposuction also reduces the amount of post-operative bleeding and pain.


SmartLipo uses laser heat to liquefy the fat before removing it. This makes it easier to remove excess fat than the traditional liposuction method, resulting in less bruising post-surgery and a quicker recovery time. The heat from the SmartLipo laser has the added benefit of skin tightening. Traditional liposuction does not help tighten the skin, which can lead to dimpling and sagging. Older patients who are more prone to sagging or dimpling skin may benefit from this form of treatment.

The Tumescent Liposuction Procedure What to Expect

Liposuction is performed either under local or general sedation. Your surgeon will determine which one will serve your need.
"The treatment area is inspected both visually and tactilely to assure a good aesthetic outcome."
"The treatment area is inspected both visually and tactilely to assure a good aesthetic outcome."

Tumescent Injections

The tumescent solution is inserted through a small incision, generally less than one centimeter. This solution causes the fatty tissue to swell, which aids the fat removal process.

Fat Removal

Fat is removed from the treatment area using a surgical instrument called the cannula. The cannula uses gentle suction to remove the fat cells from the body.

Aesthetic Inspection

The amount of fat to be removed needs to be closely monitored by your surgeon to maintain the proper guidelines and ensure an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Compression Bandages

Once your surgeon has completed the fat removal, the skin openings may be sutured or left open to heal. You will be placed in a compression garment that is worn for a period of two to six weeks.

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John Bihn


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Dr. Hadi Rassael and his staff are top notch for all cosmetic procedures. I highly recommend them for a consultation as they are extremely thorough for all patients. I can assure you that all your questions about all procedures will be answered completely, whether it's about liposuction, breast augmentation tummy tucks, etc. Best cosmetic surgery practice in Chevy Chase.

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Marcie Harrison


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My first visit to the office was in January of 2009 to acquire about liposuction. The office appearance is very clean, nice area and friendly staff. The doctor is someone who takes his time to listen to your needs and will provide his honest option on different medical procedures for you to pursue. The cost is not really expensive at all. If you sign up to their e-News, you can recieve discounted specials to use. After almost a year, I have decided to go along with the surgery. I feel confident that I will look great.

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Dr. Hadi Rassael

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